Sunday, November 05, 2006

We'll never forget the way you thrilled the nation

The Chicago Bears went down to defeat today. Unfortunately my daughter A was excited to go see her first Bear game and she saw a clunker. Sorry A but that's football. Were the pigeons on the field?

Rex Grossman was miserable and the rest of the offense was offensive. As an avid football fan, former player and student of the game it seems he gets "happy feet". It happened in the Arizona debacle and it happened today. For all intents and purposes he is dropping back, bailing out and throwing off his back foot. The Bears are likely to make the playoffs this year. If the happy feet don't get fixed, I don't expect that they will go very far. C'mon Rex! I know you've been hurt in the past but if you can't look down field and forget that huge men are trying to flatten you, find another career. He played like a rookie again. Ugly dude, very ugly.

I think there is some good in the loss though...better to get that undefeated crap behind them for the second half of the season. 7-1 first half record...I'll take it. Same number of wins the Cubs got in the first half of their season this year I think.

I tried to install a wireless print server today to no avail. Every computer project I take on never goes smoothly; you know point A to point B. I seem to visit every letter in the alphabet along the way. What a royal pain in the arse and I have no printer at this point. Very frustrating.

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