Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Break out the Kool Aid

M and I watched the Obama commercial tonight. It was brilliant. Barack Obama and his team have done a masterful job throughout this campaign. This was another example of their intellect.

I just wish somewhere in the infomercial he would have called McCain an ass and Palin a bitch.

However, this woman took care of it for him. This blog is wonderful and written by one of the wittiest 82 year olds that I've ever had the pleasure to read.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Gimme Andy Dufresne

I have been engaging in an email debate with one of my friends on the Obama vs. McCain decision. She and her husband are going to vote for McCain I know I won't be able to change her mind. My goal has been to help her understand why Barack Obama is reaching so many.

All of her arguments (higher taxes! universal healthcare!) begin and end with the same thing; Fear. Isn't this really the Karl Rove legacy? Fear sucks. I think FDR said that once (well sorta).

All of my arguments are based on Hope. Hope is positive. In the face of all the crap facing this country and the world, hope is a better choice than fear.

I am personally very tired of fear based politics. It has failed us and the Republican party miserably. I think there are millions like me who will turn their hope into progress.

I hope my friends get the chance to find out how much better it feels to hope than to fear.

P.S. I consider myself independent although my voting record over the last 20 years would brand me as a republican. The republican party helped me discover my independence once again. At least I can thank them for that!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

But seriously folks

I just saw her on CNN. Can you see this woman as President should anything happen to 73 year old John McGrumpy? No really? No way No how. What a disasterous choice John McCain made here.

John Cleese was right. This is something Monty Python would have loved to write. I'm starting to think that Barack Obama must have picked her for McCain. Wow, the dude is good!

Vote for unity, vote for change, vote for hope. Obama / Biden 08

Friday, October 17, 2008

It moved me

This is outstanding. Im' starting to believe that thinking may not be a lost art after all.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Just Wondering

Just wondering...How can anybody in their right mind give the Republicans the wheel again when, under their watch, they have driven America into the ground. How much more of this can this country take? I'm thinking not much.

Just wondering...If the USA was a baseball team and after 8 years of leadership the manager was unable to field a respectable team, wouldn't the owner clean house? Wouldn't the fans demand a change. Its clear to me that our manager should have been fired long ago.

Just wondering...Am I the only one that thought that McCain and Obama might have been the two best candidates that we have had to choose for some time. (George W and John Kerry? puke city). McCain changed that in a heartbeat by choosing the worst running mate ever (My opinion but I'm sure it's close). I couldn't vote for that ticket if they were running unopposed.

Just wondering...

Monday, October 06, 2008

NO thinking necessary; you are entitled to my opinion

I was reading a story earlier about Palin's defending her remarks about Obama paling around with terrorists. Her reference was to Bill Ayers, the terrorist so dangerous that he is now a distinguished Professor at the University of Illinois - Chicago. I am not denying that Barack knows this man; nor is he. All of Mr. Ayers students better be careful or they may win a free trip to Gitmo I guess...

But cmon; this is an obvious scare tactic aimed at the uninformed. Is an exaggerated truth any less than a lie? If you purposely utilize "stretched truth" can you blame me for questioning everything you put forth? I believe one would have to be an idiot to blindly accept what comes from a source willing to defend this type of half truth.

Don't misunderstand me. Both political parties are guilty of utilizing this type of crap. The Republicans are more desperate this time around so their tactics have become blatantly desperate. I think it's disgusting actually. I think it's insulting to any person of intelligence. Unfortunately, its clear who the Republicans are trying to reach. Fortunately, I don't believe it's me.

One other item of note...I posted a comment to the site with story about the Palin / Obama terrorist thing. It seemed that all of the comments were from McCain's family. I put up an even handed post questioning the legitimacy of the whole issue. Guess what? My comment was removed. I guess the comment section on this particular site is reserved for right wing nut cases only. I wish they would have told be before I wrote the comment so I didn't waste my time.

Comment only if you have a brain please. Oh, the fun part is I get to be the judge.