Friday, February 01, 2008

Something to take my mind off the winter time / flu bug blues

I'm at home trying to beat a flu bug. We had about 10-12 inches of snow in the last day, so there is snow everywhere. Nowhere to go and no energy to go anyway so...I started looking at my pictures and found something that made me smile. This event goes back to last fathers day...

My wife gave me and the two boys a gift for fathers day that was unique and really very cool; Mario Andretti Racing School. We went to the Joliet Speedway and had a riot. I had my car up to 153 mph and nosed the boys out by a hair. The experience of driving an Indy car was incredible. I would like to do it again and since we have already been through it once, we will be allowed to drive even faster the next time. Scary? Initially I was a little nervous waiting to drive. By the time I was ready to roll I was not afraid at all. I like fast cars and this was the fastest I would ever drive a car legally. Plus, the cars are engineered to stick in the turns...they are not going anywhere. The Andretti folks were awesome as well; very professional. It was obvious to me that they took this very seriously and that safety was a priority. I can't thank them enough for the great day we had.

I know we all thanked M that day...but I will do it again...thanks hon.

You can see some pictures here