Wednesday, November 15, 2006

It's only teenage wasteland

I don't know how much longer I can live with the "burning X of love". It's kinda freakin me out.

I am on my way out to a wine dinner at a local restaurant and I thought I would start my post pre-wine and finish post vino. I don't think I will drink to excess but I am planning on sampling the goods.

Today is W day and this is my first big dilemma. The obvious choice for me is The Who. I have only seen them once, about a month ago, and even though there were only 2 of the original guys, the show was great. They have made a lot of great music over the years...songs that I love hearing everytime they come on. Baba O'Riley comes to mind, The Seeker, My Generation, Won't Get Fooled Again, Tommy, Who Are You. I think Who's Next is a great listen start to finish.

In position 1a in the world of W has to be Joe Walsh. He has always been a favorite of mine. The guy is a great player and he's funny as hell. I have been fortunate to see Joe a number of times with and without the Eagles. Joe flat out makes me smile both with his playing and his antics. The Bomber is one of my favorite songs of all time. The guitar duet on Hotel California is only bad because it doesn't go on for another 15 minutes. Hey Joe, how ya doin?

That brings us to 1b. Stevie Wonder. He has written some songs that make me get goosebumps. However, it is still the worst concert I ever saw. I had decent seats and I can honestly tell you that I don't remember seeing Stevie and I never heard a word he sung. The production was horrible. Even so, he's Stevie Wonder. A musical treasure if there ever was one. I forgive him for that disappointing evening at the always disappointing Rosemont Horizon.

Just arrived home from the wine dinner. 4 hours!! Way too slow. The food was great and the wine very nice but man...I felt like a captive after 2 and half hours. I am full of food and extremely tired of sitting. Now I must concentrate on quick digestion, whatever the hell that is, and get to bed.

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