Monday, November 13, 2006

Long Distance Runaround

Today is an exciting day for a music lover like me. I got a new car a couple of weeks ago and it did not come equipped with a connection for my iPod. The dealer referred me to some audio guys that will put in a connection today. They did inform me that I would lose the use of the CD changer. If I can have just about all of my music with me on the iPod, the loss of the changer is a no-brainer. I can't wait!

Update...the install was cancelled because they don't have the proper kit. I'm still waiting on 11/16/2006. I'm not good at waiting.

My Y band is Yes. This is one band that I would love to see live. I did catch a performance a number of years ago on PBS and they were as good as I thought they would be. Anderson and Wakeman are touring in England right now so there is hope that they will come to the states. An honorable mention goes out to the Yardbirds. All you need to know is Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton & Jimmy Page.


manogirl said...

So here's a question: Will you keep blogging every day after Nov. 30th to keep giving us bands?

Wonder Boy said...

I kinda started a little late to get through the alphabet. So I will keep going until I get to A. One hint: it will not be ABBA.

Who are your Z & Y bands?

manogirl said...

My Z band has to be Zero 7, simply because I actually like some of their music.

I have no Y band. Two of the Y's in my iPod are from a soundtrack, and the other is a band that has one song I like, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. So no Y.