Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dateline: Hyatt Regency Chicago

I am on the road at a convention...woo frickin these posts are coming from the inside of the poster child for convention hotels. Huge. Stark. Clean and nicely done for what it is though.

Well it seems as if the Hawaii idea has started a dialogue as to who can go when. This will be a tricky situation but we'll give it a go. This idea may end up in the "no good deed goes unpunished" pile.

Went to see Barbra Streisand last night. It was a lot cooler than I thought. She is a legend in the biz and she is still very good at it. The Il Divo backup guys should stay home. Operatic noise that was stomping on Barbra. Whatever it is they do, I don't like it at all. There is more to singing than power and that's all these guys showed. Yuk.

Rumsfeld gone. He seems like he would be a mean grandpa. I hope it's progress. Now we'll see if we have a reason for hope.

Off to schmooze insurance geeks...equal amounts of pain and pleasure.

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Eric said...

funny.... i helped someone find the Il divo CD at best buy. they were raving about how good they were.