Monday, November 20, 2006

Here comes my 19th nervous breakdown or can't you see I'll always be a music man

It's the night before an early morning airplane and it seems the clock is moving faster than usual. I have a lot to do before I sleep and not enough time to sleep before I have to get up. OK...I'll try a few deep breaths and speed writing.

The R band has to be the Rolling Stones. Too much history and too many great songs to go any other way. They were never among my favorite musicians or performers. Mick doesn't do anything for me and watching Keith Richards wander about on stage is amusing but not a great moment in music. However, collectively their contribution to Rock and Roll is not debatable. The combination of the scores of fans who do love to watch them perform and the number of great songs they've done over the decades solidifies their position as one of the legendary acts to come along in my lifetime.

I have some honorable mentions...REM, too good too leave out...REO Speedwagon...Illinois band makes good, saw them at my high school and in bars before they went big venue. A high school buddy was promoting the REO concert at the high school. I got to work the "stage door" at the fieldhouse. At one point Gary Richrath, the lead guitar player from REO comes to the door with a young lady on his arm and they have no credentials. So, I tell him they can't get in without credentials. He says, "OK fuck it, we're not playing then" and storms away. I figured I had just created a riot and figured I might have had the shortest stage door security career in history. Within 5 minutes he returned, with credentials, and apologized for going off. He thanked me for protecting them and shook my hand. OK, I am good at this security thing! I saved the band! OK maybe not...

One more...Roxy Music...Brian Eno did some great stuff. I love Avalon.

I love music.

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