Wednesday, November 29, 2006

T'was in the darkest depths of Mordor I met a girl so fair

But Gollum, and the evil one crept up
And slipped away with her.

That is one of a few references to J.R.R. Tolkiens work found in some of Robert Plant's lyrics. One of their songs is considered an even more obvious reference than this. I know what it is but I'm gonna let you try to figure it out.

Today is indeed Led Zeppelin Day here at Just Wondering

Arguably the greatest Rock and Roll band ever. It is still one of my favorite concert memories. I saw them in Milwaukee on July 10th 1973. I went with my best friend from high school (Neal) and my best friend from college (Spider). I'm pretty sure this concert spawned the word awesome because it was. The arena was thick with sweet smoke and great rock and roll. Believe it or not here is the playlist from the show:

Milwaukee Arena, Milwaukee, Wisconsin July 10, 1973

1. Rock And Roll
2. Celebration Day
3. Bring It On Home (intro) / Black Dog
4. Over The Hills And Far Away
5. Misty Mountain Hop
6. Since I've Been Loving You
7. No Quarter
8. The Song Remains the Same
9. The Rain Song
10. Dazed And Confused (inc. San Francisco)
11. Stairway To Heaven
12. Moby Dick
13. Heartbreaker
14. Whole Lotta Love (inc. The Crunge - Boogie Chillun - I'm Going Down)
15. Communication Breakdown

Here are some photos from the 73 tour.

Man they were good and thanks to the magic of recordings they are still good. I think I'll go listen to a little Len Zemple right now.

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Manogirl said...

Ooof, another one I couldn't agree with more. Whenever people find out I like Led Zeppelin, I get stares and disbelief. This was especially true in high school.

But now, I think it's mostly because I hate almost all hard rock that exists on the Earth. I just happen to ADORE LZ. S and I have had many conversations about what draws me to them, and I think the answer is a complex formula of Blues, Melody, and Rock.

It also always tickles me that S didn't much like LZ in high school, but after he moved to IL, someone made him listen, and this time he realized that he was missing out on what is, in fact, the greatest rock and roll band of all time.

I make fun of him all the time.