Monday, November 12, 2007

What do the Boomtown Rats know anyway?

Five questions for a Monday
1. Do you have an iPod (or other mp3 player)? If yes, how many songs do you have and how would you describe the music in there?

2. What TV show from your childhood do you remember and why?

3. What is your best quality? worst?

4. The Beatles or the Stones?

5. Are you looking forward to anything that you have planned for this week? month?


Barbara (aka Layla) said...

1. iPod, aprox 5,000 songs, mostly rock and alternative but a very eclectic mix

2. The Partridge Family cause I was in love with David Cassidy and music

3. Best - I sincerely care about people, Worst - I can get depressed really easily

4. Stones, but its a toss up

5. This week - hot date Thursday night :)

manogirl said...

1. iPod, yes. Somewhere in the vicinity of 3500 songs, and always a rotating bunch of around 6-8 audiobooks.
2. Hmmm. This is hard, as so many are still on in syndication. Wonder Years, maybe. Or Cosby Show.
3. I'm a trifle judgmental. We all are, but I'm open about it. And that's a good thing--I'm very, very open.
5. Hmmm. Trip to CA occupying all thoughts right now.

Katie said...

1. I do have an iPod. I think I have about 2100 songs and currently insatiable for new stuff.

2.I feel like we watched Reading Rainbow. And Mr. Wizard. Funny how my two memories are nerd shows, huh?

3. Best: like Ang's I'm open...and I actually think mine manifests in my being non-judgemental. Worst: Two-fer, my sense of humor can be mean and I find it hard to trust new people.

4. Beatles. Hello, look where I grew up.

5. School being OVER. I really love Thanksgiving. And I can't WAIT to put up my Christmas tree.

Anonymous said...

1. IPod, over 5000 songs, mostly rock, a little jazz, a little blues, pretty good amount of Christmas music, no country and I'm just realizing that no classical, which is a mistake. Must get limited number of classical CDs that I own onto IPod.

2. Dark Shadows. (Although this was hard to narrow. I always watched The Monkees and The Partridge Family because you had to! when I was younger I always watched Fess Parker as Daniel Boone. And Adam West as Batman. And even younger, we never missed Wonderful World of Disney.)

3. Best - I have a lot of energy and I love to be doing stuff. Worst - probably that I'm stubborn.

4. Definitely The Beatles.

5. Back to back trips - Las Vegas (seeing Love again!!) and Florida for Thanksgiving.


Wonder Boy said...

Barb - We saw David Cassidy in a Vegas show a number of years ago and he actually reached out and touched Michelle. She was in love with him in her teens also. The really weird thing about it is that he was wearing flesh colored gloves. Can you say germophobe?

Manogirl and Katie - I proudly accept full responsibility for your your answer to question 4.

Anonymous (aka Michelle) - We do need to get some classical on the iPod and fyi we have over 8,000 songs on little music machine already.

Here are my answers...

1. See above...the coolest thing on my iPod is a playlist that took me forever to compile. It's the Rock Hall / Rolling Stone Mag 500 songs that influenced Rock and Roll.

2. The Lone Ranger, Mighty Mouse, Mickey Mouse Club, 3 Stooges, Monkees, Shindig, Hullaballoo, Garfield Goose

3. Best - I think I am blessed with great empathy Worst - I am mistaken about my knack for really..I don't know sometimes I am not as detail oriented as I should be.

4. The Fab Four - The Stones are legendary as well. I just prefer overall style of J,P,G & R.

5. See anonymous answers above.

Anonymous said...

How could I have forgotten Rocky and Bullwinkle?

Also, after more reflection, I'm sure my worst trait is that I'm bossy. I HATE it when I act like my mother but it's totally subconscious. M.

Anonymous said...

Gosh...I couldn't resist.
1. I'm the only person in the world who doesn't own an iPod (but I did recently - finally - get a cell phone! I'm getting there).

2. Gotta be Brady Bunch or Gilligan's Island.

3. Best - I have a very tender heart; Worst - the rest of me can be kind of hard sometimes.

4. This is a tough one - Beatles

5. I don't have to answer this one, because this pertains to last week (right?). But my daughter's home for the weekend, and that's a very good thing. ~P~