Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lost Wages

We made it to Vegas without a hitch. Airplane on time, hotel reservations actually reserved...

This is kind of a transition day...two hour time change and the traveling will render me useless in an hour or so. That's about the time we have to be at dinner with our clients. They are old friends so there is not a lot of pressure but it will be interesting.

The weather is nice here and the casinos are awaiting my arrival or should I say the arrival of my hard earned money. Unfortunately for the casinos, I will not leave them much. Looking forward to seeing Love tomorrow and watching some football games here on Saturday.

Talk to you later from the great State of Nevada.


Katie said...

There was one hitch - the part where you called me accidentally and left a long message of background talk on my answering machine. Happened 5:30ish my time. Where were you?

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

Hey, you're "next door" to me as far as states go. Vegas is about a four hour drive from where I am at. Hope you have a good stay. Don't gamble more than you want to lose :)

Wonder Boy said...

Katie see my Friday post...sorry about the erroneous call.

Barb, it is not ARE almost certain to lose whatever you wager. Can you win? Sure. Is it probable. No.