Sunday, November 18, 2007

Homeward Bound

Today is our travel day. I am going to lose access to the internet sometime around noon and we don't get home until around midnight, so this post is coming to you pre-caffeine.

I am tired of Vegas and ready to be home. It's loud here and it's dry here.

The people watching has been enjoyable as usual. The way some of these people dress is remarkable so I will remark about it. There are a lot of women here that haven't mastered the knack of keeping their breasts inside their clothing. Some women can't seem to find dresses that actually cover their asses. One woman had less material in her clothing than on her purse. Some of it looks ok but mostly it looks cheap to me. With the men here the wackiness usually shows up in their hair. I'm really sorry that I didn't keep my full head of hair long enough to go for the spikey, dirty, ponytail mohawk look.

Well, I have to pack and get ready to check out of here and then wait around until 5ish to get back to home sweet home.


Barbara (aka Layla) said...

Yeah, you see a lot of interesting things in Vegas. Its not too late to have a mohawk is it?

Wonder Boy said...

Well...with the male pattern thing settling in I would be more likely to sport a reverse mohawk.