Saturday, March 17, 2007

Rat and Fat are at it again

Today is the last day of my glorious run of being in Florida. I'll admit it...I hate winter...I love 80 degrees. So, I'm sorta bummed that I have to return to the frozen northlands. I did take a chunk out of winter so I guess I am fortunate. To those of you that have been unable to escape winter, I apologize for whining and I know I deserve a kick in the head. I am sad to leave the weather and I can't deny that feeling...

The worst part of leaving is going to be the flight home....with the 2 dogs. My lovely wife thought it would be a good idea to try bringing the dogs with us. If the dogs were low maintenance, it would have been a good idea. The little white female dog from hell is anything but low maintenace. Tiger (aka Fat Baby), was ok...not happy but ok.

They are miniature schnauzers and travel in the cabin under our seats in specially designed dog carriers. On the trip out here, the dogs were not happy being in the carriers and being stuffed under the seat. It's easy to understand. They were shaking all the way. Then Ani (aka Rat Baby), as I expected, made shrieking noises as we were moving through the airport; noises that were close to making my ears bleed. At one point a woman said "You need to put some WD40 on that" and then realized it was a dog making the noises, not the wheels on the carrier.

Our vet strongly advised against sedating the dogs. If he knew Rat Baby like I do, he would have suggested that the humans be sedated. Wish me luck. I am so not looking forward to this adventure.

Don't let the little white one's demeanor in this photo fool you...she's the Rat Baby.

Your Quit Date is: 02/21/2007 12:00:00 PM

Time Smoke-Free: 23 days, 180 hours, 47 minutes and 23 seconds

Cigarettes NOT Smoked: 357

Lifetime saved: 2 days, 17 hours

Money Saved: $63.00

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