Friday, March 23, 2007

Dreamland Concert Series

This summer is shaping up with some good concerts coming to town. It started with the news that Pearl Jam is going to headline Lollapalooza. Nice....hope it happens and I hope it's not a logistical nightmare...could be though...

Roger Waters is bringing his Dark Side of the Moon show back through town. OK...that should be fun. Got tickets for this one already but there is a conflict brewing. Hmmm...
He's playing the United Center.

The Police are playing Wrigley Field this summer. Maybe Sting can pitch or hit or do anything like a baseball player? God knows the Cubs can always use some help. Got tickets for this one too.

Then, the best news, Eric Clapton is organizing another Crossroads Guitar Festival and its gonna be in Chicago at Toyota Park on July 28th. I attended the first one in Dallas and it was guitar heaven. I will do everything in my power to witness this again. I've never been to Toyota Park but it's outdoors and it can't be worse than the Cotton Bowl. What a day of fun this will be... it's your turn to put together a music festival...include any band or performer. You can only include 7 bands and you must consider the order in which they play.

1. Lynyrd Skynryd with Ronnie VZ...this will get the crowd going!
2. Allman Brothers Band..more great "Southern" rock n blues
3. Eric Clapton...Duane Allman joins in for some Derek tunes!
4. Stevie Ray Vaughan...I'll need a smoke after the first four here...
5. Jimi Hendrix...SRV would have loved "opening" for Jimi
6. Led Zeppelin...are you kidding me? This band could rock...
7. Ladies and gentleman...The Beatles!

What a nice fantasy...I think I'll make this into an Ipod playlist somehow...


Layla said...

I read this last night and had a great time imaging my dream concert. Here it is:

David Bowie
The Beatles
Bruce Springsteen
The Doors
INXS with Michael Hutchence (of course!)
Led Zeppelin

Layla said...

ps linked to you today

Bruce said...

Came over here from Layla's; great question, btw. Mine would go something like this;
1. Disturbed
2. Tool
3. Ted Nugent
4. Queensrcyhe
5. Stevie Ray Vaughan
6. Eric Clapton
7. Rush

Layla said...

Dang, can I change mine? I feel bad for leaving SRV off my list because I too am a great fan and miss him. But you know after seeing him in a small venue, up close, and meeting him...seeing him at a big concert wouldn't be the same. I wish you guys could have been there. It was un-friggin-real. I kind of tear up just remembering because not long after...he was gone.

Jeff said...

Great Post I think this would be my dream festival:

1. King Crimson - Opening
2. The Doors
3. Hendrix
4. U2
5. The Who
6. Rage Against the Machine
7. Pink Floyd - Closing

The lineup is subject to change based on mood.

Hans said...

1. Big Brother & The Holding Company
2. Buffalo Springfield
3. Jimi Hendrix
4. Phish
5. Pink Floyd
6. Frank Zappa
7. The Velvet Underground

Wonderboy said...

I'm in Italy right now. Love the concerts. I will add some more comments when I get home next week.

Wonder Boy said...

Thanks to everyone that put up a series. The cool thing about this, and I anticipated this, is that I would go to every one of these concerts and get to see some of the artists I struggled to leave out of my line up. So, Layla, thank you for including Bruce and the Doors and U2. Bruce, I think Ted Nugent and Rush are a cool addition for me. Jeff, love the Who, King Crimson and Pink Floyd part of your show. Hans, what a lineup! Very cool.

I think it's interesting that no one included the Stones, Pearl Jam, Yes or ELP.

Wonder Boy said...
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isaiah said...

1965's Bob Dylan
1969's Led Zeppelin
1973's David Bowie
1983's U2
1976's Springsteen
1985's RUSH
1969's The Beatles

Wonder Boy said...

Isaiah thanks for including Bob Dylan. I would have loved to see that show.