Monday, March 19, 2007


Well, I was right about Ani (rat baby)...she is an unbelievable little beast.

We bought these special doggy travel cases...the number one rated cases. See the those are not our pets; it's a stock photo that I took from the website in the corner. I thought since I borrowed their photo, they should get some free advertising.

She escaped from the case, not once, but twice. I was traversing the zigzag at security when one of the guards said, "Excuse me sir, your dog is out." I looked down and there she was dashing around in circles. I grabbed her quickly and put her back in her top rated case. She had opened one of the zippered entrances, or in Ani's case I believe they should be called exits. They were all closed tightly...she just figured out how to open them.

Later as we were in the Jetway just about to step on to the plane...she's out again. This time I feared she might panic and fall onto the tarmac. I was able to catch her quickly but we were struggling to get her back in the case and we were causing our own little doggie induced Jetway delay. So, my wife just took here under her arm while wheeling in the other escape challenged dog behind her. I was left wheeling the empty case. At least the case was quiet...

Well...we struggled a bit getting her back in the top rated escapable case but we finally succeeded. There were no further escapes...but I kept a close eye on all the zippers. We survived and it was interesting, embarrassing at times, but interesting...kinda like coca cola going through your nose interesting...

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BarBarA said...

I swear I commented here yesterday but I guess not! I just saw your comments on my blog and added you to my link on that site (I had you at Layla's but not this one, now you are at both).

I love Ron Wood's art and am a wee bit jealous that you have an original of his of one of my most loved musicians.

I also enjoyed your observations on the deaths of some of the great people that have passed on, I agree the murder and suicides are by far the hardest to take.

I know I've probably pointed this out ten million times but I can't remember if I did or not...but here is a link to my site that is a tribute to most of the musicians who have died since '64