Monday, March 24, 2008

A as in

This idea started with a note from the NaBloPoMo folks but it seems as if I am ripping off Sesame Street. I will free associate in an effort to do some writing and stay in touch with my blog a bit we go. Feel free to add your entries or ideas.

Apple - ipod, computers, hip advertising, iPhone, Jonathans or Macintosh

Ang - lovely, wonderful, intelligent, sensitive, music nut, book nut, food nut, Rockband junkie, my daughter

AC \DC - not the electrical current, ok the electrical current...that's about all there is to this one.

armadillos - the one living next to my pool in Florida. Its time to move him with a little cayenne pepper. It won't hurt the little bugger but they have highly sensitive noses so it won't be happy with the pepper.

April - tax time, flowers and showers, in Paris, opening day

apathy - I was trying to think of a cute answer but who really cares?

America - I never thought this was a great band but I have to admit that, every so often, when one of their tunes come on the radio it takes me back and it feels good. Oh yea, the greatest country in the world. We need some work to get it back where it should be.

aging - too fast, beats the alternative, great for wine and some cheese, not for sissies, doesn't seem to be happening to my wife.

Allman Brothers - the most disappointing concert I have seen in the last year. Horrible production, the sound sucked. We walked out. It bums me out because I know these guys can play.

alimony, alimony payin' your bills... a Led Zeppelin moment...just came on the radio.

ass**** - one of my mothers favorite curse words, thieves, mean people, power mongers, political beasts, Barry Bonds, Heather Mills, Dick Cheney, Dick Rumsfeld, GWB, Roger Clemens, Jose Canseco, criminals of any kind


Food - artichokes, ahi, apricots, asparagus, anchovies, abalone, almonds, avocados

Cities - Abilene, Austin, Aurora, Arlington, Atlanta, Amarillo, Asheville, Amalfi (pictured), Aberdeen

Cars - Audi, Avalon, Altima, Avanti

Animals - Aardvark, Anteater, Antelope, Armadillo, Agouti, Anaconda, Ani, Alpaca, Appaloosas, Arabian

Science - Acid, argon, ammonia, agar, alkali

Music - Abba, Alabama, America, Allman Bros., AC/DC, Aerosmith, Asia, Animals, Arcade Fire, Average White Band, Arrested Development, Archies, Association, Afrika Bambaataa, ABC, Amoreena, Chet Atkins, Amazing Grace, Angie, Tori Amos, Average White Band, A Hard Days Night, Across the Universe, Any Time At All, All You Need is Love, And Your Bird Can Sing (went on a Beatles jag there)

Wierd Word of the Day - Aubade

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