Wednesday, April 02, 2008

B as in

Beatles - as I had written about before, the first music that was "mine" not my aunt's or my mom's. Thank you boys...

Booze - nasty stuff...has ruined many lives. I used to love a wee nip now and again

Beer - see above. Summer, European, belly, responsible for some of the worst commercials ever.

Bang a gong - on the radio right now...kind of a tough drum beat on Rock Band

Barack - man I hope he's for real and he gets an opportunity to give it a go

bitch - female dog, the other democratic candidate

Categories Food - burgers, bacon (everything is better with bacon), bok choi, bean sprouts, beets, blueberries, bleu cheese, bagels, bologna, beans, banana, beignets

Cities - Batavia, Bern, Bologna, Barrington, Bartlett, Baltimore, Bay City, Boca Raton, Berkley, Bala Cynwd

Cars - BMW, Boxster

Animals - bobcat, boa, bears, bats

Science - boron, bile, bauxite, biology, barium,

Bands - Beatles, Beach Boys, Beastie Boys, Barenaked Ladies, Billy Holiday, Bee Gees, Black Crows, Byrds, Boston, Buckinghams, Black Sabbath, Black Eyed Peas, Bon Jovi

Songs - Beat It, Baby, It's You, Blackbird, Back in Black, Back in the USSR, Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite, Badlands, Born to Run, Blinded by the Light, Because, Baby's in Black, Bridge Over Troubled Waters, Brilliant Disguise, Brown Sugar, Beast of Burden, Black Cow

Wierd Word of the Day - bubal

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Barbara - Layla said...

Woman's Name: Barbara

Hee hee. I guess Bruce would fit under "S"?