Sunday, March 09, 2008

Times up

This story just infuriates me...

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Geraldine Ferraro, the only woman to run on a major U.S. party's presidential ticket, on Wednesday defended her comment that Barack Obama was ahead in the race for the Democratic nomination because he is black.

Ferraro, a Democrat who ran for vice president in 1984 and now supports Obama's rival Hillary Clinton, rejected what she called attempts by Obama's campaign to paint her remark as racist.

Obama, who has built up a strong lead in the state-by-state contest, dismissed the idea that his being black was an advantage and said Ferraro was being intentionally divisive.
Ferraro told CBS's "The Early Show" she thought Obama had been able to mount a strong campaign against Clinton because his was a "historic candidacy" that excited the country, as her candidacy did in 1984.

"For his campaign to take that and spin it and attack Hillary and me as being racist, I tell you, it is just appalling," said Ferraro, who is on Clinton's finance committee.

"My comments have been taken so out of context and have been spun by the Obama campaign as racist that it's doing precisely what they don't want done -- it's going to the Democratic Party and dividing us even more," Ferraro said in another interview on ABC's "Good Morning America."

Ferraro ignited the flap when she told a California newspaper that "if Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position."

"And if he was a woman he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept," she said.....

The story continues but I can't take any more. Let me get this straight...the country is caught up in the concept of a black man being president...hmmm. How cool. We've come a long way as a society. Oh, one more thing. That's bullshit.

As someone that has a lot of respect for Barack Obama, I can tell you that I have never once said "oh wouldn't it be cool to have a black president"nor have I heard it from any Obama supporters that I have spoken to. You want to talk about coming a long way...we're not seeing color. I see an intelligent, reasonable young American man that is reaching millions of Americans that are desperate for a real change in Washington. Now that is cool...that is's all that's right about this great country.

Okay, I lied a little bit. I am seeing color. The color is red. Everything about the Clinton campaign makes me see red. Ms. Ferraro is on Hillary's finance committee so I have hard time believing that this is not just another (in a growing series) of desperate, old school politics, attempts by the train wreck known as the Clinton campaign to slow down the soaring Obama campaign. Go away. Just frickin' go away. We have to right this ship we call America and I have bad news for you Clintonites, we do not need your input. We just need you to take your politics of greed and power and get the hell out and take your accomplices with you. If you don't take them with you, we'll get to them later.

I see one distinct difference in these two candidates that Hillary cannot overcome. No way. Never. The Obama campaign has a heart and soul. The heart is the desire to tackle the tough job of trying to affect change. The soul is the core values of remaining independent of PAC monies, representing "we the people", of being realistic in what can be accomplished, planting seeds of hope and acknowledging that politics as usual, needs to go. The Clinton campaign is steeped in blind ambition; not heart, not soul. They're running on empty. Their time is up.

Ya know, come to think of it, it will be cool to have Barack Obama as president, not because he's black, but because he's Barack Obama.


Barbara said...

Hi Jim!

I agree with you on this...BUT...there are some people voting for Barak based on his race just as there are some voting for Hilary based on her gender. I overheard a conversation the other day that made me cringe and it was on this topic.

I'm just thankful that Barak ran against Hilary because obviously she's very popular with a lot of people and a lesser opponent may not be able to compete. I have never trusted Clinton (either one)

Wonder Boy said...

I agree that people will vote based on gender and race; no doubt about it. Having the right to vote does not come with any proviso requiring one to make an informed choice. I think that's one of the reasons that we have so many bozos in office. Making an informed choice is also made tougher by having to wade through the political b.s. that we get fed.

I guess it also comes down to that I just resent the fact that Ms. Ferraro (aka Clinton shill) generalized that most Obama backers for the most part are unable to come up with an original thought.