Thursday, September 04, 2008

You call that change?

I didn't watch much of the Republican convention last night (thank god). I did however catch Sarah Palin taking issue with the Obama campaign's message of change. I believe she said something like "they're not the party of change, we're the party of change". She is right (sorta).

In the last 8 years the Republican administration has changed us from having the largest budget surplus in history to having the largest federal debt ever!

They have changed us from being at peace to being at war.

They are now presiding over one of the roughest economic times that I have ever witnessed.

They have changed the meaning of the words "Justice Department"

I could go on but thinking about the damage they've wrought is causing me to lose my appetite.

If this is their idea of change, we've certainly had enough.

I think what Ms. Palin meant to say was "....we're the party TO change.

Republicans, you have lost your opportunity; you stunk it up; you lost the program. If this was a baseball team, the manager and the general manager would have been canned long ago. You deserve to be canned. We need you to be canned. We cling to the hope that the new new manager is better than you have been. Obama and Biden represent that hope and you have no prayer of instilling hope in any thinking Americans.

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Barbara(aka Layla) said...


I just hope that enough people see it that way. I am surrounded by people voting for McCain and it scares me.