Saturday, September 27, 2008

Debate #1

We watched the debate last night. It is now clear to me why McCrazy was trying to find a way out. I'm sorry but the man's only point seem to be that we can't afford to lose in Iraq. We have already lost in Iraq.

We've lost thousands of valiant warriors.
We've lost our place in the world as a respected power.
We've lost billions of dollars.
We've lost sight of the real enemy.
We've lost track of the economic health of our nation.
We've lost track of taking care of each other at home.
We've lost faith in the feeble leadership we've been saddled with for the last 8 years.
Many have lost hope here in America.

Barack is hope. It's that simple for me. I don't care about lipstick or bracelets or who the fuck John McCain says he knows. I don't care if McCain is experienced, a heroic warrior or just some old geezer. The only hope he instills in me is the hope that he'll just shut up and go do his self appointed maverick thing somewhere else. We need leadership and you are not it Johnny.

Last night one of the things I noticed was that McCrazy focused on attacking Obama. Hey, his family background is military city, attack is his game. He talked about Obama; Obama talked about us. McCrazy is trying anything to get elected so he can be the one elected. He didn't really give me any clues as to how he was going to help this country. So, I have to think he is just clueless.

Obama represents the side of trying to end this horrible thing in Iraq; McCain talks about winning the war. Can anybody tell me what we are going to win?

Did anyone else notice that Sarah Palin was locked in a closet somewhere? Joe Biden was available to spin the debate but Sarah was busy? This spoke volumes to me. Nice selection John boy. The republicans threw out Rudy Giuliani in Sarahs place. Note to Rudy: Find Sarahs closet and get in there with her. Your words were a waste of my time.

Republican leadership, your worst fears are going to be realized. The thinking and suffering of this country are fixin to show you the door. You've earned it.

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