Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Irony of Stolen Police Tickets

In one of my previous posts I made mention of seeing The Police at Wrigley Field. I would have to say it was the best concert "surprise" of the summer. I don't know what I expected but it exceeded my expectations and it was cool sitting in the outfield but the events leading up to the concert proved to be more interesting than I had hoped.

I had purchased some extra tickets for my kids and my one niece. The day before show I went to the place where I put the tickets for my niece and they were gone. It was immediately obvious to me that they were stolen in the great guitar heist. Bastards! Now what? Well, I found the online receipt for the tickets and my wife decided to call, Live Nation, the promoter. Let me say this, the customer support at Live Nation was awesome. They could see that I had purchased the tickets and offered to void the originals and leave valid tickets at will call. Excellent!!

My wife thought that we should call the local police (the man, not a local knock off band) and let them know about the tickets because maybe they would be interested to meet the folks that showed up with the now invalid tickets. Sounded logical to me...Once again, we were totally underwhelmed with how indifferent they reacted. They could not have cared less. WTF. Are these the same public servants that get nuts over whether or not your license plate sticker has expired? Am I wrong to be disappointed as to how my local law enforcement dollars are being spent?

My only wish at that point is that the thief and his girlfriend showed up at the show only to be turned away. I will probably never know if he sold them or tried to use them but somebody got turned away. Small pleasure for me.

After all of that, my wife and I, the kids and my niece all enjoyed the show. Big pleasure for all of us.

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Barbara (aka Layla) said...

1. I am so glad that it exceeded your expectations!

2. How cool that you took some young people to enjoy the show, I love seeing a new generation enjoying "our" music.

3. Your wife's idea was brilliant

4. The cops are unbelievable. That would have been a great set up. How totally maddening.