Monday, September 10, 2007


The last concert we attended was an event I was really looking forward to. I had never seen the Allman Brothers and now I finally had tickets to see them at the Rosemont Theater. Ooooooo...should be good in a smaller theater style venue. The current band features a couple of great guitar players in Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks so this promised to be especially tasty.

Well, I have now seen the Allman Brothers but I'm not sure I still have ever heard them play. The sound was horrid. We were 5 rows away so maybe we were too close. I walked all around the venue. Nope. The sound sucked throughout. Not even my special concert ear protection helped at all. I could see the guys playing but could only catch faint pieces of the audio. A loud muddy mess. We tried to gut it out but sitting in the mind numbing din became too much. We walked out. We were not alone. We saw many diappointed patrons heading to the doors early.

I have been fortunate to see many concerts. Prior to this I had never left one early (although I would have left Liza Minelli had it not been a business function). I should have left the only Stevie Wonder concert I ever went to for the same reason I left this one. We could not even make out a single one of Stevie's songs.

Oh well...great musicians, lousy technicians...who knew?

What concert or show surprised you by being awful? Which was much better than you thought?


manogirl said...

Awful, most awful that I have seen, maybe: the Wallflowers. They opened for Counting Crows, and I wanted to stab my eardrums out. Also, Foo Fighters. Oooh, Foo Fighters might be the worst. They were SO SO SO bad.

Mike said...

Sorry that you didnt get a great sounding show. Looked at the setlist for the show and it looked like a good one. All I can say is that the live CD that they recorded from the show I saw was crystal clear.

Too bad they are not all like that!

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