Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We humans aren't very nice to each other

BLACKSBURG, Va. — Police identified a 23-year-old South Korean student Tuesday as the gunman who killed more than 30 people in a rampage at Virginia Tech. They said at least one of his handguns was also used to kill two people in a dorm room across campus the same morning.

The killing of 32 people Monday at this placid university in southwestern Virginia was the deadliest shooting spree in U.S. history.

BAGHDAD, April 18 -- Four car bombs killed 131 people and wounded 164 others across Baghdad Wednesday, the U.S. military said, as bloodshed spiked two months into a U.S.-led crackdown meant to pacify the Iraqi capital.

Some news accounts suggested the death toll may be higher. The Reuters news agency, quoting local officials, said as many as 170 people had been killed, and the Associated Press said at least 183 had been killed.

These above are small parts of news articles just taken from news websites.

Does one of these stories make you feel worse than the other?
One lunatic shooting innocents
Groups of lunatics blowing up innocents
Are we callous enough to think that because those dying in Iraq are mostly Iraqis, it's ok?
Why does our media go crazy with coverage, outrage and emotional broadcasts for one of these events and not the other?
Is it because Iraq is a political issue?
The story above demonstrates clearly that it's a humanitarian issue.

They are both horrible circumstances. I can't imagine how devastated I would be if I lost a loved one in either one of these two horrific events. But I also can't isolate my feelings for the victims just because of where the innocents were slain. Murder is murder. People are people. Children are children.

Where is our leadership? Where is our media? Where is our outrage?


Layla (aka Barbara) said...

You took the words right out of my mouth...but you said it better than I could have. This thought has been tormenting me for the last few days...

I didn't know how to say this without minimizing the tragedy in VA...but I can't help but ask WHY DON'T WE MAKE THIS BIG OF A DEAL EVERY SINGLE DAY? HAVE YOU SEEN THE PHOTOS OF THE PEOPLE IN IRAQ WHO HAVE BEEN BLOWN UP BY BOMBS? There are little children! And some survive and have to live with no limbs!

I don't get it. I want it all to stop. Its so depressing.

Layla (aka Barbara) said...

ps im linking to you today.