Monday, January 12, 2009


Hello 2009.

Are there still 99 bottles of beer on the wall?

I still have a grandmother that is alive at age 96 or 97 or one really knows for sure.

My mom is 77 years old.

I shot a 68 at Pebble Beach on my honeymoon.

My best score on a par 72 golf course is 67.

I belong to a golf club that only has between 50 and 60 members. Lucky.

I'm 55 years old.

I have loved the music of the Beatles for 45 years.

My wife is 29, 39, 49, 50,51,52,53 years old...I'm confused so it's impossible to put this in the right spot here.

I have been out of high school for 38 years.

I graduated from college 33 years ago and did it in 4 years. It was a miracle.

I have been working full time for 33 years although there are many that would dispute that.

I have a total of 5 great children in my life. Three of my own and two step children all between the ages of 29 and 21.

I had my own business for 21 years. 21 has always been my lucky number (except in Vegas where I specialize in 22).

I think they should make the drinking age 18 in this country. If you can fight the bad guys for your country, you should be able to have a beer.

We have 15 employees so we figure we helped take care of 15 families on some level. They are family and you all know how complicated that can be.

I've seen Eric Clapton perform at least 12 times. Paul McCartney 6, BB King 3, Bon Jovi once but it seemed like a million times (wacky experience to say the least)

I have had 4 hole in ones or is it holes in one?

I have traveled to Italy 3 times. Food, wine and history are a great combination.

I have 1 wish for everyone on the planet. Peace.

2 all my friends and loved ones, I love you more.

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