Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Guitar update

Back in May of 2007, as many of you know, four of my guitars were stolen. If you are interested in details, posts about the incident are still available on my blog. One of the guitars that I really missed was the first custom made guitar I ever bought. It's pictured here. It was made by Gerard Melancon of Thibodaux, Louisiana. I was unable to make contact with Gerard at the time and I figured his shop was another victim of Katrina. I was right. On a whim, I tried to contact him with an email yesterday and he responded! His records were destroyed so he does not have the specs on the guitar but I think with the information I have and his talent, we are gonna build Jim's Melancon II.

I'm ecstatic. The police in my hometown were useless in recovering our stuff. The states attorney, who was a college friend, was no help. They had one of the kids red handed and absolutely nothing happened. It was a very disappointing experience with law enforcement and justice. The thought of replacing one of the precious items that was taken by the worms that did this is a small, unexpected victory for me.

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Barbara(aka Layla) said...

It makes me so angry to think about how they handled this case and it makes me ill to think of the missing guitars. But this is GOOD news about the new one :)