Friday, October 24, 2008

Gimme Andy Dufresne

I have been engaging in an email debate with one of my friends on the Obama vs. McCain decision. She and her husband are going to vote for McCain I know I won't be able to change her mind. My goal has been to help her understand why Barack Obama is reaching so many.

All of her arguments (higher taxes! universal healthcare!) begin and end with the same thing; Fear. Isn't this really the Karl Rove legacy? Fear sucks. I think FDR said that once (well sorta).

All of my arguments are based on Hope. Hope is positive. In the face of all the crap facing this country and the world, hope is a better choice than fear.

I am personally very tired of fear based politics. It has failed us and the Republican party miserably. I think there are millions like me who will turn their hope into progress.

I hope my friends get the chance to find out how much better it feels to hope than to fear.

P.S. I consider myself independent although my voting record over the last 20 years would brand me as a republican. The republican party helped me discover my independence once again. At least I can thank them for that!

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