Monday, January 28, 2008

Whiskers on kittens

I had the opportunity to see Ben Folds this summer in Chicago. Great show. He is definitely having fun up on that stage and that's contagious. I have listened to most of his recorded music and some of it misses the mark on me but some of it makes me smile or think. I like to do both but I probably do the smiling thing a lot better. The video is for his song "Still Fighting It". Sweet song written by Ben to his young son...This is from the "Rockin' the Suburbs" CD which I love from front to back. A double selection coming up!

"Everybody knows it sucks to grow up"

"I am the luckiest"
This one has made me get emotional more than once. I truly feel that I am the luckiest. To all my loved ones out there, this is how my love for you makes me feel.

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Barbara said...

I think my next music to check out will be Ben Folds...never really gave him much of a listen but I think I like him already.