Saturday, January 26, 2008

Raindrops on Roses...

I have been thinking about this ever since I read another blog in which the author ranked a list of the "greatest guitar players". I have always had a fundamental problem with ranking artists and art itself. Who's to say what is the greatest piece of artwork ever? Now, if you create a list that is your personal list and do not disparage others opinions or argue that your list is THE LIST, that's a different story.

I'm convinced that appreciation of the arts is as personal as your fingerprints. There is no right or wrong...the art touches you and you experience a personal reaction to it; positive, negative or somewhere in between. There really is no need to justify your personal feelings for art to anybody. They're yours and they're personal. Nobody should try to convince you that you are wrong about your choices or that a particular thing that you like stinks...if someone or something "stinks" in your opinion it's OK to think it but its probably more mature to keep it to yourself.

I have a friend that absolutely loves ABBA...I don't. As hard as it is for me, if it comes up I just go silent on the subject. My real statement might be that ABBA can not be found among the 8500+ songs on my iPod. Did ABBA stink? Absolutely not. They were making music and it's music that has delighted millions. I admire anyone with the fortitude to make put it out there. I don't have to personally love it or "get" it.

Music means different things to different people. Among other things, it can evoke emotions, vivid memories and mindless comfort. I am going to share some of my personal feelings and opinions about musicians or songs that touch me somehow. These will be my personal thoughts and feelings. I hope this stimulates me to get the words flowing here again.

The first example of music that can conjure a powerful emotion in me, comes from a rock hall inductee that rose out of the C&W world. He is one of my favorite pure guitar players. The song is, I still can't say goodbye by Chet Atkins, C.G.P. I cannot get through this 4 minute and 7 second song without crying (hearty weeping!). Beautiful sentiments by Chet and it gets me every time. When it randomly pops up on my iPod, I will change it if I'm not in the mood for purging my tear ducts. Do you have a song or performance that pushes your buttons?

Here's a sample of his playing...stunning touch....this is a cover of Don McClean's Vincent

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