Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I can't believe this

Hello out there...sorry I've been away so long but my life has been speeding by but the travels are over for a while. Phew...

Here's whats going on in our little house today. I am totally stunned.

My wife and I were in Florida for the weekend catching some sun with some friends and closing up our house there. We had a wonderful time. We came home late last night. I am really bummed.

What Happened

We come home to find out that 19 year old daughter decided that a party Friday night would be a good idea. 21 year old son left town to see a buddy so he was gone. We have told the kids over and over (i think a million times is a conservative estimate) that there is no underage drinking at our home and no parties while we are gone. The consequences are too severe and we don't want any part of it. We were not ambiguous on this point. You guessed it...a million reminders is not enough...there was a party and apparently some drinking. We lock up our booze but the kids obviously brought their own.

We found this out because 19 year old daughter came clean today because there was an altercation with one of our neighbors. It seems one of the party attendees attempted to get in his front door at 4:00 A.M. and left peacefully after being told to get the fuck out of there by our neighbor. Another neighbor had CD's and DVD's stolen out of his car on the driveway. Daughter figured we would hear about this. She was right. I am really freaked out.

19 year old daughter is a little freaked out herself...I think her desire to host parties is gone. Hard way to see what it was your parental units were trying to lay out for you...Her mother has grounded her for an eternity I think.

Why I am freaked out

I came home from work today to find that 5 of my guitars had been stolen. You heard me 5 of my guitars. I am numb. They left 3 guitars...Nice of the bastards.

They stole my Melancon custom which was one of my favorites and the one in the picture, the Gibson 335 custom that I got for my 50th birthday, my Fender 50th Anniversary Strat, my other Fender Custom Strat and my Les Paul Custom. Fuck you whoever you are. I will find you and you will not be happy about that. You stole my music...these were my instruments...I cherished them.

Whose kids are these that steal from people they know? What kind of garbage did you foist on us?

Why not call the police?

We can't call the police because we will get cited for the underage drinking party that was happening at our house while we were away. Well, isn't that special? We get robbed and if we report it we go from victim to victimized. There is there something wrong with that.

We will have to try to find the worms ourselves and get our stuff back.

I am heartbroken...just this side of devastated. I am angry. I am disappointed.

I just want em back...


Layla (aka Barbara) said...

Oh my gosh, I am so very sorry to hear this awful news. I sat and hugged a friend after his custom made bass and another favorite bass were stolen from his truck. Non-musicians probaby can't understand the depth of this kind of loss. I am praying that you get them back. Do whatever you can...even if you have to offer a reward for them.

I hope that the whoever took them from you was not a friend of you daughter but just some random party-goer. If she has friends that would that, your have a bigger problem to deal with than the party issue :(

Wonder Boy said...

The person of interest in the theft was not a friend. Actually nobody is a friend to this kid. He has stolen things from other parties and is trouble. I am going to get my stuff back from this kid or he is going to be in a world of hurt.

Thanks for the understanding.

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn....my co-worker got her $1400 paycheck broken down into money orders stolen right out of her purse on the job....sickos out there