Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Free (as a) Bird!!!

I kind of took an extended break from my rock and roll postings. There are lots of reasons why but none of them are really good excuses so I won't even bother to offer them up. I have every intention of finishing the project so I'm here to crank it up again.

I am going to start with a backtrack on the letter L. I stick by my choice of Led Zeppelin but there are some L artists that deserve mention.

I will start with Lynyrd Skynyrd. I think this band would have continued to grow had it not been for the tragedy that struck in 1977. This link provides a pretty good synopsis of their history.
Last but definitely not least on this backtrack...John Winston Lennon. An artist in every sense of the word...a delightful crazy of the cornerstones of the Beatles. He had his trials and tribulations; his affair with drugs; his injecting Yoko into the Beatles and ultimately his rejection of all things Beatles but his status in Rock and Roll will never fade. I just wish that he was not senselessly taken from us so that we could have continued to see his work evolve. Thank you John. I can't help but believe that you would have come to appreciate what the Beatles were and embrace your role in the phenomenon.
Favorite John song...many...the first one that came to mind was "Strawberry Fields Forever".
Not bad John...

We are fortunate to own prints of some of John's drawings. The one pictured below is part of a montage that we have and is one of my favorites.

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BarBarA said...

again - excellent L music.

One of my closest friends committed suicide when I was 17 and his favorite song was Free Bird so we played it at the funeral. That was a few years ago (ok, a few decades) and I STILL get chills when I hear it.