Friday, August 19, 2005

Evil Demon

Ok, it's time to go public with this. I am quitting the habit of smoking. I began the effort on Monday and am doing very well. Failure is not an option.

Now, having said that, cigarette smoking is an evil demon. The characterization of the ciggys talking to you and saying "Oh it's ok. I'm your friend. One won't hurt. Have one now." is more truth than fiction. Addictions are not fun to kick but this addiction is not fun to keep any longer. It's a pain in the ass. The anti-smoking fanatics keep reminding me how bad this is for me and more importantly to them, how it is bad for them and intrudes on their space. I wish they would mind their own fucking business but that is another issue. I did not decide to quit because of their inane efforts. I decided to quit for me and those that love me because they want me to quit not for the nameless know it alls that want to force their beliefs on me.

I can't wait until the nutrition nutcakes make me eat my cheeseburger in the parking lot so the fats don't leech into their systems. What's the quote "...from my greasy dead hands".

Only three things are certain, death (hey health fanatics this does include you), taxes (a thank you note from Uncle Sam would be nice, thats all I'm saying) and people that insist on foisting their will on other people (bite me!).

Think the withdrawal thing has put an edge on me? Ahh, you can bite me too!

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