Monday, August 22, 2005

Clues for the clueless?

My wonderful oldest daughter wrote this in a mail to me as a response to an article I had sent which pointed out that there were many many parents and spouses of killed servicemen and women that strongly disagree with Cindy's position. Just trying to present all sides...

"I guess I think that people like this aren’t listening to Cindy Sheehan, not really. I think that they see the protest of the war, but forget to hear what Sheehan is saying—that she doesn’t want anyone else to suffer the way all of these parents have. I suppose, too, I just don’t see how that dishonors any of the soldiers who have given our lives for their country.

I feel for any parent who loses a child to a war, no matter the cause or reason. But I think that the hopelessness I would feel, knowing I lost my child to a war that has no reason—or reasons that have been disproved—would be somehow different. It’s terrible, all of it. The insurgency’s not getting weaker, and more Americans (and many, many more Iraqis) will die. We can’t tame it, and I hope these people don’t think that we can, not with what we’ve got on the ground now. It’s not dishonoring the sacrifice of their children to ask that no more Americans be subjected to a fight we can’t win, is it?"

Heres my take...

All wars defy reason. I happen to believe that we do not know the complete truth about why we went into and still remain in Iraq. I also happen to believe that sometimes our leadership must decide what we (the public) need to know. There are intelligence reasons for withholding information at certain times.

At the same time, having watched Hotel Rwanda and knowing that the “West” was roundly criticized for “letting” Rwanda happen I can’t help but think we (America) cannot win. We ousted a brutal dictator in Iraq. Isn’t this a good thing for the good people of Iraq and the world community? Extracting ourselves from this mess is now the issue. How and when we get out without throwing the Iraqi people back to the lions is the central issue and should be our leaderships #1 concern. I admit that my #1 concern is that our leadership doesn't have a clue sometimes. (Don't we all?)

I think what our front liners are doing by proudly carrying out their duty, is something that we all need to get behind. I choose to believe that they are risking their lives in an attempt to free people they don't know because its the moral thing to do. I am proud that they are serving for us and hope as strongly as anyone out there that they return home as soon as possible. I also hope that the people of Iraq embrace sovereignty and protect it with the dedication that we do.

Hey Leaders...c'mon with the clues already. Get us out of there!

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