Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Things that piss me off

I was just thinking about ticketmaster because a conversation on ticket brokers and ticketmaster and the whole fucked up system of getting tickets for any good shows anywhere. So in addition to Ticketmaster here are some other things that piss me off.

Ticket Brokers. How does the average fan get to see his favorite band or show without binoculars and an overworked Visa Card?

Politicians. They make my skin crawl.

Terrorism. Civilization and terrorism can not co-exist. I vote for civilization.

That there are people starving in this world...someone let me get em a sammich or two!

Bigotry...racism, sexism, ageism...any of these isms piss me off.

Traffic Jams when you are in a hurry. It never fails.

Not seeing Stevie Ray Vaughan play in person when he was alive. You can add Jimi Hendrix to that list...John Lennon...big list here. Now I go when I can to see those that still grace us with their talents.

Rain on any day that would otherwise be suitable for golf
Not getting enough rain this summer
Alright so I'm conflicted on the rain thing.

People that play golf slowly. It's a courtesy thing.

Poor customer service. Respect for everyone is not that difficult a concept. Treat your smallest customer like your biggest customer. Someday they might get there.

People that are rude. I was with 7 other people at a popular Maui cheeseburger joint and the sidewalk is a zoo..i see no reconizable line to get our names in to get a table. The dude says "OK who's next and how many?" And I start to say my name and this BITCH to my left says "I don't think you are next. I have been standing in line here and we are next. If there was a line it was only me and her but had she been polite i would not have cared at all if she went ahead of me. It would have been a chance to have a conversation in a non-confrontational manner and I would have believed her and let her biggie. But she treated me as if I was a jerk before I even got to be a jerk. Slow down honey not everyone is an asshole like you. I did defer to her but she reviled me to the point that I hoped her dinner sucked. But I let it go...what a sorry bitch!

Poor losers and poor winners...I think I used to be like this at some point. Lose with grace. Win with grace. I like how that feels much better.

Not being able to think of any more things that piss me off right now!

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manogirl said...

Ah yes, ticket brokers. S and I were thwarted in an attempt to go to a Ben Harper concert (tomorrow night) because of the lame-ass ticketmaster/ticketbroker scandal.

When will the problem end?