Thursday, October 14, 2004

Tort(oise) Reform

Tort(oise) Reform

Just a quick observation on this subject....

Attorneys always point the finger at insurance companies as creating this problem and that the insurers are making a fortune. While I agree that the insurance industry shares some of the blame, the legal profession's position doesn't add up.

If the insurance companies were cleaning up:

1. Lawyers, being the shrewd business people they pretend to be, would own a lot of insurance companies. I'll bet John Edwards doesn't even own a single share of an insurance company.

2. Insurance company stocks would be the "darlings" of Wall Street. I can't see any darlings from where I sit.

3. Rich egotistical insurance moguls would dominate our government, be running for office and make sure the laws they enact and maintain are favorable to their profession. Seems to me the majority of the egos in public "service" have law degrees.

Attorneys operate in a vaccum where the validity of the adage "No risk, no reward" rings as true as "Don't worry. The government will help you."

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