Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm not thankful

This is my third annual Anti Thanksgiving post. Some of these will be repeats because we still haven't gotten things right...

I am not thankful for:

greed - bailouts, robber baron executives, money's ugly

Dick Cheney - War criminal, greedy bastard, wrong Dick...way wrong.

terrorism - uncivilized behavior; wild animals behave better

racism - see "terrorism" above. I witnessed a lot of "closet" racism in the presidential election. I'm grateful that thinking people out voted ignorance. That might be 1 in row!

hungry children - feed the world dammit

my digestive system - it makes the list again because the discomfort it causes me a good 20% of the time is debilitating. I will fight it but man do I hate feeling lousy. I am tired of it.

the guy who thought of cigarettes - I hate you but unfortunately I seem to love your work

stupid drug laws - Tommy Chong put in jail for selling bongs! Boy, I feel a lot safer now. C'mon spend our money getting vicious Dick Cheney. Marijuana is not more dangerous than alcohol. This is a free country right?

drug commercials - so, I can get a drug that can stop me from frequent urination but one of the side effects can be fatal. First off, I'm glad I don't have that problem at this point but if I did I'd rather pee my pants thank you.

my "lost" family - a family feud took place years ago and I have been estranged from two aunts and two uncles and countless cousins. I regret the time lost and have yet to do anything about fixing the problem. I guess I'll just wait until we are all dead...seems reasonable. OK maybe not.

my lost friend the doc - look up miserable in the dictionary and you will find his picture there. Wallows in misery and won't do anything about it. I can't help him and he needs help. His wife can't help him. Very intelligent guy but he's no very smart. He's missing any joy that can be squeezed out of this tragedy called life...his life is a tragedy. Sad.

that I can't make everyone I love have all that it is they want.

that I don't have a "happy" switch for those who need it but can't seem to find it when they need it. Other switches that would be good: peace, kindness, companionship, loneliness be gone...

Tomorrow I go positive and give thanks for all that I am so blessed to have


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Great list. I am not thankful for fathers who abandon their children out of disinterest and laziness.

Are you smoking again?

Thanks for listening today, I felt so much better after our chat!

Wonder Boy said...

I couldnt agree more with your comment about hit and run fathers. I don't get it.

Yes I continue to smoke.

The chat was great. Anytime.