Thursday, June 05, 2008

I am not a republican or democrat. I am an American

I was just wondering...Am I the only one that sees racism as overt ignorance?

I have found that discussing the possibility of Barack Obama as our next president with some people seems to give them a free pass to show their ignorance. I was discussing politics with several friends and mentioned that I had voted for Republican presidential candidates in the past. One friend said "Well, you're gonna keep it that way aren't ya?". To which I replied, "I am going to vote for the best person possible." His response, "Now why would you want to do that?"


Because I have always tried to do that. Because I care about my country. Because I like to think I am not ignorant.


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Jim, I hear you loud and clear.

Maybe my question here is ignorance, or maybe because of where I live I don't experience racism first hand - do you think race is really the issue? I just can't believe that there are people in the USA that would choose not to vote for someone based on their race. That confounds me. It does not compute!!!!!

As for gender - I do think there are people in this country that would base their vote on gender. I know a lot of women wanted Hilary BECAUSE she's a female (who care's what her policies are - this is a gender war!!!)

I swear this stuff just blows my mind.

Wonder Boy said...

Barb, there are racists in this country and every race is represented. I personally know some people that are saying they won't vote for a black man. Ignorance abounds.

Also, voting for Hillary "because" she's a female is no smarter than not voting for B O because he has some black heritage.First of all, if Hillary was the "right" woman, the gender "card" wouldn't have had to be prominently displayed. She had to use it because she had no alternative. She represents what is wrong with Washington and because of that, I wouldn't vote for her even if she was my sister.

Hillary Clinton, wrong woman, way wrong...the female gender has much better to offer than Hill and I am certain someday she will emerge and help bail our sorry butts out of a mess.

Milly said...

I'm a registered Dem who still isn't sure who to vote for. I voted for Hillary not because she’s a woman but because she has a brain and knows what a mess we are in. I won’t vote for anyone because of what they look like.