Monday, February 07, 2005

Animal madness

I was talking to my daughter a while ago and told her that I was thinking about turning my cute little dog (devil) into sausage. She of course said that I would never do that because I'm a softy...which is true and I guess I can get used to dog proofing my entire world (hate it!). I think I am engaged in playing some kind of dog game. My dog spends most of her days with another dog and they get along famously. I also believe they plot together very well. As soon as I leave the house I think they look at each other and say "Let's go see what we can chew today!" If I have been foolish enough to leave anything (eg. CD's, Magazines, Place Mats, Screwdriver, Flashlight, eye glasses, napkins, instruction manuals, socks), it's pretty much toast. They even like to chew toilet paper! If I leave the bathroom door open, I can expect that my house will be TP'd. Drives me nuts!! At least they don't chew furniture or remote controls. My collection of guitars is so protected even I can't get to them. Tonight I think I'll try to scale the walls and see if I can get past the razor wire so I can play a little.

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